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About Us

Welcome and thanks for your time to know more about us! Orchid Angelica is a brand-new online shop for brides and fashion ladies by supplying quality redesigned wedding dresses, prom dresses and ballgown. All the gowns are redesigned of couture styles in high-quality fabrics and good seams workmanship, while in affordable prices.

Sewing Machine

Our Team

Our founder team is combined with experienced couture, trendy buyers, skilled pattern makers and tailors. All of us have been working in wedding apparel industry for over 10 years.  We have  an intimate knowledge of how to produce a chic, comfortable, fitted and unique dress for our customer.

Our Vision

As most of our founders had experienced the time when they can't afford a designer dress for wedding, and then went for a cheap bridal gown, which is really a lifetime regret, so we together set up this website - Orchid Angelica - with the good vision of supplying brides and ladies with great redesigned wedding dresses and prom gowns in inexpensive prices.

Wedding Dress Shopping
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